Gilligan's Island: The Complete First Season (1964) Review

Gilligan's Island: The Complete First Season (1964)
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All 3 seasons in one package! it doesn't get any better than this. These are complete and unedited unlike some sets that are being released with different music, or edited episodes. season 1 is in black and white as originally aired, seasons 2 and 3 are in color as aired. I have watched reruns for years and when i saw that the complete series was available as one set, i couldn't pass it. Bonus footage includes interviews with Russell Johnson and Sherwood Schwartz, also included is the pilot episode with a different 'professor' 'Ginger' and 'Mary Ann' and different opening and closing music. A great treat for fans and someone that wants it all! Quality is excellent! I don't purchase many tv shows on dvd, but this was a must for me! 5 stars without a doubt!!!

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EPISODE SYNOPSES Pilot: Ginger, Maryann and the Professor are different people. Mary-Ann's name is Bunny and her character is more like the current Ginger. Ginger is more like Mary-Ann but still called Ginger. TheProfessor is very much a ladies man. Since the episode never aired,the show was drastically altered, characters were replaced and sowas the now, unforgettable theme song. Episode 1: "Two on a Raft" - The castaways find themselves marooned on the island. Gilliganand the Skipper set sail on a home-made raft in an attempt to findhelp. After sailing for days and battling obstacles such as sharksand Gilligan's unending hunger, they land back on Gilligan's islandwithout realizing it.Episode 2: "Home Sweet Hut" - A hurricane is coming, so theCastaways must quickly build one large community hut in which toweather the storm. However, they soon get on each-others nerves, sothey later decide to branch out and build individual huts.Episode 3: "Voodoo Something to Me" - The Skipper fears that theisland is full of 'voodoo' when he thinks that Gilligan has beenturned into a monkey. Episode 4: "Goodnight Sweet Skipper" - The castaways hear on theradio that a plane is going to be flying over their island, but theywill be unable to contact them because their transmitter is broken.Episode 5: "Wrongway Feldman" - When Gilligan finds an old airplanehidden in the jungle, the Castaways discover a long-forgottenaviator living on the island. Episode 6: "President Gilligan" - The castaways decide that theyneed someone to be the leader on the island, and so they holdelections.Episode 7: "The Sound of Quacking" - The Castaways are faced withrunning out of food, when a blight threatens to destroy many oftheir plants. When Gilligan finds a duck in the lagoon, a difficultdecision must be made.Episode 8: "Goodbye Island" - Gilligan discovers a special tree sapthat can be used to make a good tasting pancake syrup. Then theprofessor discovers that the same tree sap also makes a super glue,that may allow the castaways to repair the Minnow.Episode 9: "The Big Gold Strike" - Mr. Howell discovers a gold mineon the island. He then hires Gilligan to work in the mine. When goldfever strikes the castaways and Mr. Howell is unwilling to share thegold, they begin to charge outlandish prices for the supplies andfood that Mr. Howell needs.Episode 10: "Waiting for Watubi" - While digging, the Skipperuncovers a carved statue of a Tiki God. He then believes a curse hasfallen on him for disturbing the resting-place of Watubi, and thathis days are numbered.Episode 11: "Angel on the Island" - Mr. Howell decides to put on aplay, staring Ginger, after she begins to suffer from home sickness.Trouble begins, however, when Mrs. Howell decides she wants to playthe starring role. Mel Blanc is the voice of the parrot.Episode 12: "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk" - During Christmas,the Castaways get homesick and remember the first day they wereshipwrecked. When Santa Claus "appears" on the island, many suspecthe is the Skipper in costume. However, just as Santa departs whilewishing the Castaways a Merry Christmas, the Skipper appears fromthe other direction. Episode 13: "Three Million Dollars More or Less" - Mr. Howell loses$3 million to Gilligan in a golfing contest. Mr. Howell then tricksGilligan into trading for a worthless oil well that he owns.Episode 14: "Water Water Everywhere" - Talk about a painful irony:though surrounded by water, the Castaways suddenly discover thattheir supply of fresh drinking water is running out.Episode 15: "So Sorry, My Island Now" - The Castaways are capturedby a Japanese sailor who thinks that WWII never ended. When theother castaways are captured, it is up to Gilligan to save them.Episode 16: "Plant You Now, Dig You Later" - While working for Mr.Howell, Gilligan unearths a chest. The castaways think it mustcontain a pirate's treasure.Episode 17: "Little Island, Big Gun" - A mob leader and hishenchmen, fleeing from the police, land on the island.Episode 18: "X Marks the Spot" - In a test of a deadly new missile,called "Operation Powder Keg," the Air Force chooses an "uninhabitedisland" which just happens to be Gilligan's Island.Episode 19: "Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy" - Gilligan discovers ajungle boy living on the island. He shows them a hole in the groundthat causes objects to float, and the professor theorizes that it isexpelling either helium or hydrogen. Kurt Russell is the guest star. Episode 20: "St. Gilligan and the Dragon" - Angry because the menhaven't kept their promise to build them private houses, the womendecide to move to the other side of the island in protest.Episode 21: "Big Man on Little Stick" - Handsome surfer DukeWilliams rides a giant tsunami to the island. At first, thecastaways are excited as Duke thinks he will turn around and surfback to Hawaii (and send help). However, after seeing Mary Ann andGinger, he decides he may want to stay for a while.Episode 22: "Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend"- A gorilla isenchanted by Mrs. Howell's perfume and kidnaps her. After Gilliganaccidentally spills the perfume all over his shirt, the gorilladecides to release Mrs. Howell and exchange prisoners. Episode 23: "How to be a Hero"- After Gilligan is unable to saveMary Ann from drowning in the lagoon, the Skipper must jump in andrescue both of them. The Castaways then devise schemes to boostGilligan's ego, and help him feel like a hero. Episode 24: "The Return of Wrongway Feldman" - The castaways arerevisited by 'Wrongway' Feldman. Episode 25: "The Matchmaker" - Mrs. Howell decides to engineer aromance between Gilligan and Mary Ann. Episode 26: "Music Hath Charm" - Mrs. Howell decides to form asymphony orchestra, to make up for the lack of culture on theisland. Gilligan's drum beats, as they drift across the water, holdspecial meaning to angry natives on a nearby island. Episode 27: "New Neighbor Sam" - The Castaways overhear the voicesof gangsters discussing buried treasure and threatening their lives.The voices turn out to belong to a parrot, who then leads thecastaways to the "treasure." Episode 28: "They're Off and Running" - Mr. Howell wins all of theSkipper's possessions betting on turtle races. Even when he feelsbad and switches the turtles so that Skipper will finally win, hestill wins! Episode 29: "Three to Get Ready" - The Skipper insists a stone foundby Gilligan will grant the finder three wishes before sundown. Theprofessor, of course, insists it is just superstition.Episode 30: "Forget Me Not" -The Professor tries to cure theSkipper's amnesia by hypnotizing him and taking him through time.Episode 31: "Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home" - The Castawaysdiscover that Gilligan has been keeping a secret diary. When theyread it, they all seem to disagree with how certain events unfoldedand tell their side of the story. Episode 32: "Physical Fatness" - Gilligan and the Skipper plan tojoin the Navy when they are rescued. However, when weighingthemselves, they discover that Gilligan must gain weight, while theSkipper must diet. Episode 33: "It's Magic" - Gilligan finds a raft, oh wait, no, theGreat Raftini's magic trunk. Ginger knows how to use the magicaltricks and the castaways plan to use the magic to scare away angrynatives if they ever got to their island again.Episode 34: "Goodbye Old Paint" - A famous painter who has renouncedcivilization, Dubov, visits the island (with a short-wave radio, ofcourse). The castaways are hopeful that Dubov will give them histransmitter, but soon discover he does not wish to go back tocivilization.Episode 35: "My Fair Gilligan" - After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell'slife, Mr. Howell decides to make him his son. He immediately putsGilligan through basic training to be a millionaire's socialite son(dream sequence), changing the way he walks, talks and dresses.However, Gilligan and the rest of the castaways miss the "oldGilligan." Episode 36: "A Nose By Any Other Name" - A fall from a coconut treegives Gilligan an inflated nose and a deflated ego. When Gilligandecides he wants the Professor to perform plastic surgery on hisnose, the Professor pretends to perform the surgery, and instead,relies on the recuperation time behind the bandages to allow theswelling to go down. When the bandages are finally removed, Gilligandecides he is happy with his old nose!

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